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August 21st - 27th, 2023


Join Brad Terrell and the Academy for this

50 Hour Teacher Training in Lisbon with the Movement Lisboa community! This course will further your studies and knowledge of the BM System while enhancing your own practice and teaching skills. There are countless reasons why you should visit Lisbon and paired up with this 7 Day Teacher Training it will surely offer you an experience of lifetime. This Teacher Training is open to anyone who is currently registered to a BM Level 1 course or for those who have already received their BM Level 1 Diploma. Become one of the first ever BM System Teachers while meeting other like minded individuals who super passionate about movement, mobility and flow and are eager to teach the BM System.


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Learn to Teach Various Movement Disciplines that hold the Essence of Yoga through Intention and Breath


Guide yourself and others to their highest forms of movement expression and conditioning


Study Anatomy and Body Mechanics while learning to teach both Fun and Functional Movements Practices


Lead People through the BM System and  how to master the Greatest Tool of all, ones own body and mind 


Offer something truly unqiue to the world that will transform your Practice in the Process


Discover and/or Improve Interpersonal and Leadership skills to Deeply impact your Future Students




Internationally Renowned Yoga, Movement and Mobility Teacher. Founder of B Movement Academy and the B Movement System

Registered  Movement, Mobility and Flow Teacher

The first of its kind movement teacher training course is ideal for anyone committed to learning and teaching the BM System from the perspective of movement, mobility and flow. The BM Level 2 Teacher will learn and understand how to construct, deconstruct, progress and regress movement patterns and sequences to better assist their students both in a group and private atmosphere. This course will enable you to develop the skills needed as a Movement Teacher and Coach while expanding your mixed movement practices and offerings.

The 50 Hour Teacher Training curriculum will include Movement Practices and subjects such as:

  • Movepat Flows and Sequencing

  • Animal Flows and Locomotion

  • Functional Mobility and Conditioning

  • Dynamic and Intellegent Flexibility

  • Calisthenics and Soft Acrobatics 

  • Body Mechanics and Anatomy

  • Breathing and Mindfulness

  • Active and Experimental Learning 

  • Teaching and Vocational skills

  • Sequencing, Contructing and Deconstructing

  • Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

  • Self Study and Empowerment

  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

  • Environmental and Self Awareness


This course is open to all who have completed or is currently registered to the BM Level 1 course that want to further their studies in movement. This TT will also give you the opportunity to start a career as a health professional or expand your current offerings by teaching or coaching the BM System of Movement, Flexibility, Mobility and Flow.​

Proudly Partnered with

All BM system courses are proudly partnered and approved by NASM National Association of Sports Medicine and AFAA Athletic and Fitness Association of America to ensure course integrity and a quality source of education.

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Fill out the form and Pay Deposit

You’ve read everything you need, you're excited and want to make the investment today. Fantastic let’s get you registered, and ready for the BM Teacher Training! Complete the form and pay the $500 Deposit to save your spot! 



The answers to your questions

  • Where are the Trainings taking place?
    The day prior to the training you’ll be sent a ZOOM link that will connect you with the rest of the group. Through this link you will access the training. The link will be sent to you via email, every day before each training day starts but to make it simple you can also use the exact same link to access each session, but we will still send it to you as a reminder.
  • What are the exact Dates and Times?
    Busy schedule? We got you. The mandatory sessions of this course take place on weekends with only 1 non mandatory session during the week * If timezones or your schedule interferes with the LIVE training, the recordings will be saved for you to watch on your own time. ​ WEEKEND 1 5HRS - SATURDAY January 13th 11AM-2PM + 3PM-5PM EST 4HRS - SUNDAY January 14th 11AM-1PM + 2PM- 4PM EST 2 HRS - * Non-Mandatory Session Wednesday January 17th 2PM- 4PM EST WEEKEND 2 5HRS - SATURDAY January 20th 11AM-2PM + 3PM-5PM EST 4HRS - SUNDAY January 21st 11AM-1PM + 2PM-4PM EST
  • I don't have to much room in my Home to Move?
    All you need to do is move a couch, coffee table, or whatever is in your living space off to the side. Then find your physical bubble, which is usually the equivalent of you laying down on the floor like a starfish to measure the space.
  • Do I need any special equipment for this course?
    Most of this training will require no equipment. Although some of the sessions will be using a yoga mat, a wall, a chair and yoga blocks. *If you do not have a yoga block then you can easily replace this with a stack of books or pillows depending on the drill.
  • How do I best Prepare for the Training?
    Once the registration form is filled out and the deposit is paid, you will receive an email showing you exactly how to best prepare for the training. It will include a link to a dedicated Private Facebook Group as well as a CODE for a 1 year subscription to the BMTV APP, so you can start practicing right away!
  • How do I Register for the Training?
    Below you can find the registration form which will also lead you to paying the $500 deposit which will officially reserve your spot to the training. After registration, you will be sent an invoice of the remaining balance which must be paid in full +10 days prior to the course start date. REGISTRATION FORM
  • Will the Trainings be recorded?
    All sessions will be recorded from beginning to end and shared with everyone in the the Private Facebook Group. That way, when you finish your training, you can still go back and watch all the juicy details and some of the information you might’ve missed.
  • Are there Payment Plans available?
    We understand everyones finances are different. If you don’t have the means to pay the Deposit to reserve your spot, we also consider long-term instalments, but this is a special offer that you will have to contact us for directly at
  • Are there Refunds or Credits for the Trainings?
    All courses have limited availability, for this reason there are NO exceptions for refunds. If you need to change course dates, your payment is 100% FULLY TRANSFERABLE with a +10 Day notice prior to the course start date. Credits can only be used for online or in person BM System trainings.


Become Part of the BM Teacher Network!

The BM Teacher Network is an international family all connected by the vision of Brad Terrell, long time student and Teacher of Yoga and Movement. We consider ourselves a collective leadership where all teachers have equality in the vision of our school.  The BM System and B Movement Academy share and collaborate in building and refining our teacher trainings and certification while bringing the highest quality of education to our trainees so they can truly have an impact others.  All of our BM Teachers are highly trained, experienced and motivated individuals who carry the cumulative insight, support of B Movement Academy.

“Learning, un-learning, re-learning, it never stops. Without experiment, there is no true experience.”

BKS Iyengar

Hear from our students

“I’ve been following the BM System and Programs for 2 years now and it's been amazing. What you brought to my body is a little revolution (in my spine hips and shoulders). I feel all my muscles connection, in a much less linear way than before. Like I feel the spiraled fascia connection from head to toe. I've done yoga for 10 years and never felt this way. Grateful I came across your path!"

Hadrien Aujoulat - France

 "Your Trainings and Programs are great for re-balancing the body, mind and spirit in a way that has not yet been addressed in the West. This is evident in Brad's personal practice, and I have also already noticed huge  effects in my body and personal practice after only one month. Thank you for what you are doing."

Josh Doig - Canada

" For me personally I would go as far to say that Brad’s Trainings have been been life changing. I have scoliosis in my spine which causes me constant pain and his Training programs has significantly improved my condition so much so I've told my doctors to recommend it to other patients. I'm eternally grateful and so glad I found you. You will never know how much you have helped me!"

Andy Berry - UK

"As a trained dancer I appreciate the amount of time and specificity Brad takes in his Trainings and Programs.  I would highly recommend B Movement Academy to anyone looking to level up their fitness, yoga and movement practice"

Scott Galloway - USA

"As an aspiring pro athlete, the BM System was exactly what I needed to put me ahead of my competition by becoming more mobile and learning to move intuitively with my body. It's also enabled me to heal myself after putting my body through so much turmoil.  Thanks Brad!"

Julian Desmond - USA

"It's been one year that I am practicing the BM System and all exercises and it completely changed my overall flexibility and mobility. My goals were to get the wheel, front splits and middle splits and I’ve already got them and now looking to set new goals for my practice, so thank you! You’re an incredible teacher!"

Micheala Ferri - USA

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