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Explore specialized yoga, mobility and movement programs that meet you every step of the way.

The Full QDR Program

One Skill, so many benefits!


Foundations: Mobility For Beginners Program

Start your Mobility and Flexibility Journey.

Screenshot 2020-07-25 17.56.49.png

Float and Press Program

A 12 week beginner float and press journey!

Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 4.34_edited.jpg

Pincha Program

Gain sufficient strength, mobility and balance to enter pincha mayurasana.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 12.48.04.png

Advanced Backbends Program

Learn several traditional advanced spinal  extension as well as their benefits.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 22.40_edited.jpg

Hip Mobility Program

Move better and explore your limitations as you work toward 5 hip mobility goals: Pistol, Sissy, Dragon Squat, the Front and Middle Splits.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 18.50.16.png

21 Days To Handstand Program

Learn alignment, mobility, strength, balance and  breathing for handstands in 21 days.

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