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What is B Movement Academy?

How does one live a life?

We think then we do, or we do then we think. Our whole lives we go back and forth in this pattern of doing and thinking. We are human beings and we are all yearning for a state of being. 

Don't just do. Be the movement.

Our ethos is to inspire movement by exploring and studying various movement disciplines and their practices to empower the mind and free the body. 

B Movement is an online school with classes and programs offered by our established yoga and movement teachers and trainers. Yoga and movement retreats, events, teacher trainings and certifications are also in planning!

Our goal is to educate and support your movement journey by offering accesible and practical methods from begginer to advanced movers. The academy is not only a school but a community and we want you to be part of the movement.

The Seven B's are BMA lifestyle guidelines of movement. It is our ethos and philosophy that we as teachers encourage you to incorporate into your practice and life.

B Creative. 

By creating a lifestyle that continues to create and inspire.

As teachers and facilitators  we pride ourselves on innovation and we are committed to create beautiful, infromative and inspiring online content. We also hope to inspire that same creativity and innovation to you and all of our BMA certified teachers. 

B Intuitive.

By listening to your gut feeling.

We want to share a deep and comprehensive movement practice that enhances the relationship you have with your body and the way you communicate with it. Listen to and move from your body natural instinct and intelligence.

B Adventurous. 

By exploring the self, the body and the world.

Your practice is a physical, mental and spiritual journey and we are committed to guide you in every step. Explore our programs, which is an integral part of BMA, and your growth by being able to see progressional steps to your goals. We will also bring you on unfurgettable adventures to tropical and mystical destinations in our up coming yoga retreats and teacher trainings. 

B Playful.

By enjoying your practice, even when it is challenging.

Some practices build solidarity and others are meant to light and playful. Move with playfulness and it will keep you humble and give you willingness to try things you didn't know were possible.

B Kind.

To yourself and to others.

Learning how your body moves and what is capable of is a way of caring for and loving your body. Movement practices taught by BMA should have the unbroken intention of kindness to yourself and your body while training and also in your everyday life.

B Still.

And create space within.

From ancient to more modern practices of meditation, we invite you to look within to reflect, relax and restore your mind. Movement and stillness go hand to hand and ought to be explored equally. The Eb of self reflection remains present even as we flow in all our work. 

B Movement.

Don't just do but be the movement. 

Our focus at BMA is to give you the tools and direction you need to improve your overall movement and mobility goals. We offer primarily bodyweight based programs, classes and workouts that will challenge your body which in turn will give it the longevity it deserves. We want you to move more and with more freedom, strength, mobility, flexibility, agility, endurance and by offering you the best movement disciplines on our platform and in-person events.



Internationally renowned Yoga and Meditation Teacher Movement Coach and Mobility Specialist

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Our Store Policies

We founded B MOVEMENT ACADEMY and BMTV with one goal in mind: giving our students the best learning experience possible. Our policies are detailed in the link below, please have a look and contact us for more information.

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