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Guatape | Colombia


APRIL 1st-8th

Join International Yoga and Movement Teacher Brad Terrell for this all inclusive Yoga Retreat in the foot hills of the Colombia rainforest. This immersive yoga retreat will guide beginners to experienced yogis and movers on a trip of a lifetime. We will help you reach new heights and when you’re not in the beautiful water front yoga studio, you will be relaxing poolside or joining the various group activities. So what are you waiting for? Come join us for an unforgettable experience! 



Looking for a place to meet like minded people from all around the world, develop your mind body practice, relax and play all in one? Look no further than our all inclusive Retreat at Tauhouse in Guatape, Colombia! Our beautiful location in Guatape is the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world and focus on your yoga and movement practice. This luxurious hotel is perfect to relax after training and activities. It boast a magical atmosphere where every leaf, colour and texture come together in harmonious way to give you an unforgettable landscape and place to unwind and recharge.



 ◦ 7 Nights at Tau House Resort

◦ 4 Meals Daily

◦ Daily Yoga Classes & Workshops

◦ Cacao Ceremony

◦ Rebirthing Ritual

◦ Cold Plunge

◦ Piedra del Peñol Hike

◦ Guatape Old Town Tour

◦ Medellin and Graffiti Tour

◦ Colombia Coffee Plantation

◦ Antioquian Boat Trip 

◦ Airport transfer to/from Airport


Our Activities

Piedra del Peñol 

Take a Hike up the iconic 65 million year old rock la Piedra del Peñol.

Medellin Day Tour

Image by Charl Folscher
Image by Néstor Morales

Join an unfforgetable experience exploring the beautiful big city of Medellin.

Guatape Old Town

Explore, shop and play in the beautiful and quaint old town of Guatape.

Antioquian Boat Trip

Image by Juliana Mayo
Image by Datingscout

Take a breathtaking boat trip to view the incredible landscapes of Antioquia.

Medellin Graffiti Tour

Explore the infamous Graffiti district of Medellin during our city day tour.

Cacao Ceremony 

Image by Maria Malone
Image by Larry Garcia Pezo

Join an intimate and transformative Cacao Ceremony experience with local Colombian Cacao.

Colombian Coffee Plantation

Experience the best coffee in the world on this Coffee Plantation day tour.

Rebirthing Ritual

and Cold Plunge


Dive deep in to a cold plunge and a group Rebirthing Ritual experience.



◦ Enjoy a light pre-yoga breakfast with Coffee or Tea

◦ Sunrise breathing, meditation and yoga class 

◦ Indulge in a nutritious post-yoga breakfast with vegan or vegetarian options

◦ Post-Breakfast Movement and/or Planned Activity

◦ Locally grown fresh lunches with vegan and vegetarian options

◦ Down time to relax by the whirl pool and common areas or private balcony

◦ Afternoon Group Activity or Specialized Workshop

◦ Relax, explore and enjoy the beautiful water front

◦ All together dinner with vegan and vegetarian options

◦ Group Ceromonies and Rituals next to a Cozy Bonfire 

Retreat Level

All levels are welcome to come with an open mind and passion to explore.

 Must be at least 18 years old.

Men and Women

All Levels

Yoga and Movement


Rooms and PRICES 

Screenshot 2022-12-04 230056.png





Ideal for solo travellers who want their own private room.


Ideal for couples or 2 friends who want their own private room.


Ideal for those who want to share a room with other retreat guests.


Ideal for groups of 3 or 4 who want a private grand suite experience.


Register witH a 50% DEPOSIT


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