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JULY 20th, 2024 Tulum, MX


An Immersive event designed to awaken and heighten all your senses.
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VIBE is a unique, immersive event designed to awaken and heighten all your senses through a harmonious blend of yoga, movement, wellness, music, dance, and culinary delights. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Tulum, VIBE promises an unforgettable journey that engages your body, mind, and spirit.

Nourish your body, uplift your soul and find your bliss with incredible people.

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An invite only VIP event for Influencers and Content Creators.

Image by Viktoriya

Discover the Magic of Vibe.

Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Class: Start with invigorating yoga, breathwork and meditation class led by world-renowned teacher Brad Terrell (@BradTerrellYoga). Connect deeply with your body and the natural world, feeling the earth beneath your feet, the gentle sea breeze on your skin and the fluidity of your own movements. Brad will guide you through practices that enhance flexibility, strength, creative expression and inner peace.

Traditional Temazcal Ceremony: Step into the sacred space of the Temazcal, a traditional Mexican sweat lodge ceremony led by an experienced shaman. Inside the hut, feel the heat envelop you as aromatic herbs and chanting create an atmosphere of profound spiritual and physical renewal. The ceremony purifies your body and mind, leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and connected.

Music and Dance: Let the rhythm move you with live music performances and dance sessions that elevate your spirit. Experience the power of sound as tranquil melodies soothe your soul and energizing beats inspire joy and movement. The music at VIBE is curated to resonate with your emotions, creating an auditory journey that enhances every moment.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine : Indulge your taste buds with an authentic Mexican menu crafted by Orchids renowned chefs. Savor the rich flavors and aromas of local ingredients, expertly prepared to celebrate culinary traditions. Each meal is a sensory delight, with tastes and scents that transport you to the heart of Mexican culture. Orchid Beach House is inspired by the coasts of Mexico, featuring fresh and sustainable ingredients that pay homage to its heritage, culture, and people. Orchids cuisine embodies the history of Mexico, taking a journey through various states, offering dishes full of unique colors and aromas.

Sensory Exploration: The event is designed to stimulate all five senses by engage in activities that awaken the mind body and spirit. Every tactile element at VIBE is designed to enrich your sensory experience. Smell the soothing aromas of copal and essential oils, feel the textures and warmth during yoga and dance, taste the vibrant flavors of the culinary experiences, listen to the harmonious sounds of live music, and take in the visually stunning surroundings. VIBE ensures that every moment is rich with sensory pleasure, creating a fully immersive experience that heightens your awareness and enjoyment of life.

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Orchid House

The nature of Orchid Beach House provides each guest a feeling of connectedness in a new and mysterious land, to open the doors towards discovery. An Orchid always stand at the center of it’s hotels: in Tulum(Aldea Zama and Tulum Beach), Mexico City, San Miguel and Baja, it is a testament through these beautiful flowers that speaks of the immense biodiversity and cultural heritage that Orchid provides.

Brad Terrell 

Yoga Instructor

Brad Terrell is an Internationally renowned Yoga Teacher, Movement Coach and Mobility Specialist from Ontario, Canada. Brad is a longtime student of yoga and its healing modalities. He is an athlete who grew up loving and excelling at many sports. After a severe knee injury playing ice hockey, he decided to explore his yoga practice further. In his discoveries, he healed more than just his body. Brad has since been a dedicated student of various movement disciplines, including traditional asana, and has been teaching and traveling the world for over a decade to share this gift-his love for his practice.


In 2020, Brad founded B Movement Academy, his school of yoga and movement. Through his academy, he developed the BM System, a comprehensive teaching framework designed to guide students in becoming proficient teachers. He is also well-known for his expertise in mobility and his unique movement flow practice called Movepat, which he teaches both online and at in-person trainings.

Image by Tia Vidal

Temazcal with Mabel & Amaranta 

Mystical & Magical Elements from musical duo formed by Mabel and Amaranta, two talented musicians and temazcaleros with a deep connection with music and spirituality. Mabel is a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for music from an early age. His ability to play a variety of instruments, from the Flute to the Didgeridoo, has been instrumental in creating Mystica Magical Elements' distinctive sound. With a voice that resonates with the wisdom of ancient traditions, Mabel has dedicated her life to exploring and sharing the healing sounds of Temazcal music.

Musical  Performance  From DJ Mon Qalamari 

On stage, Mon Qalamari's sound immerses audiences in a meditative trance, creating an exhilarating experience that takes the audience on a captivating sonic journey - a ritualistic experience connecting everyone to the primordial rhythms of the ancient cosmic ocean. Mon Qalamari is resident DJ in Tulum at Grupo Gitano and Hotel Panamera, where he captivates audiences with the essence of the ancestral sounds from his aquatic world. ​ He developed a mystical connection to the rhythms of the vast oceanic sounds, demonstrating an innate talent for manipulating those frequencies into hypnotic melodies blending disco, funk, afrohouse, and indie dance.

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Save your spot with a $50 RSVP

Ticket value at approx. $550 USD ($50 per ticket)  Bring a maximum of 2 friends, each person must pay the RSVP holding price.

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